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Making Protection Affordable

In 2020, we were all affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic both in Canada and Abroad. We noticed that there was a great demand and very little supply of Disposable Face Masks and began arranging for suppliers to get the best and most affordable disposable face masks into the hands of the consumers to help them save money and be protected. We also noted a massive price gouging amongst other resellers so we decided to sell for the lowest possible prices to save you the consumer the money for what you need the most. We at Cappah Canada Distribution Inc. are here to serve shoppers from around the world. Our Online Sustainable Cleaning Products Store was born from the desire to live sustainably and positively impact the Earth by supporting responsible consumption and reducing waste in people's daily lives.


Following this ideology, each product we offer is eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and of the highest quality. Check out our catalogue of products and make a purchase today to join our community of environmentally aware customers.


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